DOG WALK POLICIES-Walks during the summer may be shortened due to excessive heat. Pet Sitter instead will spend the time with the pet in shaded yard or indoors after potty break. 4POMPC will not walk dog in stormy weather, during holidays when fireworks may be discharged, after dark or in unsafe or isolated areas.

4POMPC asks that your pup is leash trained and will not choke themselves on their leash.

Retractable leash is to be used only for small dogs that will not pull. Dogs walked off the owner's property must have a current city license, ID tag and rabies vaccine tag affixed. CLIENT must provide sturdy, reliable walking gear, leashes, rain coat, winter coat, etc.

Q. Do you have a suggested number of visits per day while I am away?

A. Dogs: For dogs we recommend a minimum of 3 visits a day, unless your dog has outside access, and not less than 2 visits a day in that case.

*Crated pets/puppies require at least 3 visits/day

Cats and Small Animals: We will accept a minimum of 1 visit a day. If something should go wrong while you are gone and it is not attended to quickly, it could become a very major problem.

Litter boxes and feeding areas need to be cleaned on a daily basis.

 Q. What is your policy on letting cats go outdoors?

A. If your cat is an indoor/outdoor cat, but is confined to the house, we will not let him out while we are there, as there is no guarantee that he will return before we leave. We do not want your cat to be left out doors with no way to get back in.

Q. Do you have any restrictions on age, condition, or breed?

A. Age: We have the skill and experience to care for special needs pets as well as 'senior' pets. Our in-home pet sitting service is ideal for puppies as they can be especially susceptible to diseases. You will not need to take the risk of your pet being exposed to other animals as he might be at a kennel.

Condition: For the health and safety of other pets that we care for, we will not care for pets that are ill with a contagious disease. If your pet has a contagious disease and you must be away from him, it is best to leave him with a veterinarian.

The breed of your dog is not a factor in our ability to care for him. We evaluate pets 'individually' for temperament and aggressiveness.

 (see the next question for more details)

Q. Will you pet sit for my animal if he is aggressive?

A. We will not pet sit for aggressive animals. Also, if we feel that our sitters' safety is in question, we reserve the right to discontinue service. These types of pets are better left in a kennel and we can give you the names and numbers of a couple of great ones in our area.

Q. I have a visiting pet, can you take care of them as well as my own?

A. Other pets aside from yours are welcome, however, we will need to meet the pet and have signed consent by the guardian as well. There will be an additional $15.00 per visit for the visiting pet.

Q. Will you feed my snake live mice?

A. No. We do not perform “live” feedings for exotic pets. Bugs and worms being the exception.

Q. I have a last minute emergency or trip, are you available?

A. All visits should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance (72 for new customers) unless there is an emergency.

We do ask that new clients have their initial 'get acquainted' visit, before we can care for their pets. We always appreciate as much advanced notice as possible, but please don't hesitate to contact us if you happen to have a last minute need for our services.

Q. Do you need my house key and how is it secured?

A. We find that most of our clients want us to have their key on file. That way, if they have an emergency or a last minute trip, we can accommodate them immediately. We can also leave your key in a designated secured place or return it later. To assure our ability to gain access to your pets, we require the use of your door key (and a second key for emergency backup.) We can not accept garage door openers and garage codes as the only method of entry. Those will not work if the electricity should go out. We will accept garage door openers or key pads as an alternative method, just not the only method. If we keep your key on file it is in a lock box and coded.

Q. Do you have a cancellation policy?

A. We always appreciate plenty of notice of a cancellation. It affords us the time to re-book that time that was held in reserve for you. 24 hour cancellation notice is required for charges to be waived. Holiday cancellations require 48 hour notice.

Clients returning early or leaving late will be responsible for the dates and visits that they reserved.

***Payment for holiday pet sitting is required in full at time of booking.***

Q. Will you leave notes for me to tell me how my pets did while I was gone?

A. Yes. A daily log check off sheet detailing the duties that were performed on behalf of your pets and home will be left for you.  We will also be happy to send texts, emails and pictures if you wish, to let you know how your pet is doing in your absence and the last visit to confirm the job is finishes.

Q. What if I'm delayed getting home? What will happen with my pets?

A. We will ask that you call/text me so that I know you are back safe and ready to take over the care of your pets!

We understand that things can happen to delay your return. Therefore, if we do not hear from you by the time that your pet would normally need a visit, we  will try to contact you. If we cannot get in touch with you, we will continue service until we know that you are home safely. You will be billed accordingly.

Q. I have a neighbor willing to help out with some of the visits, will you agree to fill in when he cannot?

A. No. We do not share visits with other people, family or companies. We have this policy in place to avoid communication, coordination errors and in order to ensure home security. Additionally, our insurance will not cover our services if the home and pets are being cared for by people not affiliated with 4POMPC. 

 If your question is not on this list, please email  us at [email protected]

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