4 Peace Of Mind Pet Care



Information you will need to supply


* Name of pet   Species  Color  Age  Weight  Sex  Age  Weight

* Microchip #    Rabies ID #  City Tag #   Vaccine info

* List Allergies and Phobias

* Medications and medicine schedules and dosages

* Type of food    Amounts    Schedules    Treats allowed

* Things your pet likes, Things your pet dislikes

*  Favorite hiding places, toys, games

 * Location of  pets leash, crate, towels, medicines, supplements...

 * Name of veterinarian with address and phone number.  Name of emergency vet.

* Name of a local person who is authorized to come into your house and/or take care of your pets in an emergency

* Information about you and your house

* Full names of all pet owners  Physical address  Email address  Cell phone numbers  Emergency numbers for house maintenance

* Security Entrance Codes if applicable

* Locations of water shut-off  gas shut-off  electrical panel  fire extinguisher

* Location of cleaning supplies

* Trash collection schedule, recycle, etc.

* Payment for Pet Sitting is required in full at time of booking or to be left in obvious place on first visit.


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