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Helping Your Pet Deal with Grief of Losing a Family Pet

Posted by nhshnds@msn.com on February 23, 2018 at 11:10 AM


When my Zoe Girl's mom and sister's family moved away and she no longer saw them, she became very depressed.  They lived next door for the first two years of her life, visiting each other daily,  playing together and barking at the same squirrels and animals that might run across their yards.  Her grief was such that she had no appetite, laid around all day and showed little joy at walk opportunities or even treats.  She was hurting for the loss of her fur family and  could  not understand what could have happened to them.  After a couple weeks I got the idea that if she was able to visit them and see they were ok, that it might help lift that depression.  So, I made the arrangements and was so glad I did!  Their reunion was so heartwarming to watch, it brought tears to my eyes .They smelled, ran, played until they were all exhausted and when it was time to go they parted ways  Zoe had a skip in her step and a wagging tail.    Just knowing her mom and sis were ok seemed to help her say goodbye and move on.  This type of turnaround doesn't happen so quickly or with such a happy ending when the depression is due to loss of a loved one.  So what can you do to help your pet deal with their grief when they lose a companion pet that meant so much to them?  This article below may give some insight.


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