4 Peace Of Mind Pet Care



Information you will need to supply at our consultation


Name of pet   Species  Color  Age  Weight  Sex  Age  Weight

Microchip #    Rabies ID #  City Tag #   Vaccine info

List Allergies and Phobias

Medications and medicine schedules and dosages

Type of food    Amounts    Schedules    Treats allowed

Things your pet likes, Things your pet dislikes

 Favorite hiding places, toys, games

 Location of  pets leash, crate, towels, meds?

 Name of veterinarian with address and phone number.  Name of emergency vet,

Name of a local person who is authorized to come into your house and/or take care of your pets in an emergency

Information about you and your house

Full names of all pet owners  Physical address  Email address  Cell phone numbers  Emergency numbers for house maintenance

Security Entrance Codes if applicable

Locations of water shut-off  gas shut-off  electrical panel  fire extinguisher

Location of cleaning supplies

Trash collection schedule, recycle, etc.

Please have tested keys ready to give me at the time of consultation.  (two keys for emergency backup)

Payment for Pet Sitting is required in full at time of booking or to be left in obvious place on first visit.  .



                                                            ***** I WILL BRING CONTRACT AND FORMS TO OUR MEET & GREET*****